New Radio Station Alert: ALT 92.9 FM joins Huntsville’s dial

Okay okay, I know what you’re thinking: People still listen to terrestrial radio?

Yes. Yes we do.

Actually, I have a soft spot in my heart for terrestrial radio, whether it be talk radio, classic rock, NPR, Top 40 and yes, alternative.

When a radio station employs and features local DJ talent (as opposed to voice tracking somewhere else in the country), that on-air talent is able to provide colorful commentary on the area as well as up to date info on pertinent headlines and weather reports. A kinship forms between the listener and the station’s DJs, and this listener loyalty can span for decades.

For me, one of these stations was the infamous 99x in Atlanta, a station that brought alternative rock and modern rock to millions of teenagers (we’re talking Generation X and early Millennials/Xennials) in north Atlanta. Even the hubby was listening to 99x on the livestream when he was going to college in Kentucky!

99x’s original logo from the 90s… Brings back so many memories!!

It’s an iconic station that brought a cross sectional mix of neo-punk to Indie Pop that I really enjoy in tandem to my favorite genre, classic rock. It’s currently undergoing FCC approval after being taken off the air due to signal interference complaints.

A newer station that popped up in the Atlanta area in early December 2017 is Clear Channel/iHeartMedia owned ALT 105.7 FM. This station signed on about two years after hubby and I moved to Huntsville. However, every time I travel back home to visit friends and family, ALT 105.7 makes it back to my dial, since I am missing that modern, alternative rock sound that I could only hear when I went back home to Georgia.

Until now.

Welcome to the Rocket City, ALT 92.9 FM! We are glad to have you hear, and we look forward to listening and living life with you!

Stunting and First Song On Air

According to, “iHEARTMEDIA/HUNTSVILLE, AL  began stunting on translator W225AH and WQRV–HD3 as ‘TRASH PANDAS 92.9’ to celebrate the announcement last week of the team name of a new minor league baseball team coming to the area – THE ROCKET CITY TRASH PANDAS, by playing baseball themed music, baseball movie clips and comedy bits.”

On Thursday morning, September 13, 2018 at 9:29am, the station was officially flipped over to ALT 92.9 FM with the tagline “Huntsville’s New Alternative”. After a musical mashup featuring several songs from Green Day, Cold Play, the Ramones, Bush, Linkin Park, and No Doubt (to name a few), the station officially flipped and inaugurated the airwaves by playing “Uprising” by Muse.

Senior Vice President of Programming Erich West told that “‘Huntsville has never had an alternative music station, so there was a huge opportunity to fill a hole with a format that’s never been done in the market before.” Program Director Johnny Maze also told that “many of ALT 92.9’s bands have never had the exposure in this [Huntsville] market before”.

ALT 92.9 FM states on-air that it will remain commercial free through the rest of September 2018. They are up and running on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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