Rocket City Microthon Update!

On September 15, 2018, a little race called the Rocket City Microthon had a big impact.  Hundreds of runners gathered at the Butler Green at Campus 805 to run the 0.12k (just shy of 400 feet) race. It raised about $15,000 for Merrimack Hall.  The money will be used to fund performing arts programs for children and adults with special needs.  Might I add, publicity for the event largely came through word of mouth and some social media posts.

Just a few weeks ago, I had never heard of a “microthon,”  but it seemed intriguing.  I loved the tongue-in-cheek ideas found throughout the marketing and planning.  For example, they had aid stations where you could get cookies or bacon to recharge as you ran.  A moving company would also put you on a dolly and carry you across for a donation.  And if you weren’t up to running the race, you could still get all of the race day swag by purchasing the “slacker’s package.”

I want to say congratulations and thank you to the group who came up with this idea.  It was well-executed and I look forward to another event!

You can watch some highlights from the event at the top of the page.  We’ll also be putting lots of Huntsville-related content on the YouTube channel, so please subscribe!

Click here for more race day photos

Below is the previous version of this story:

This weekend, the Butler Green at Campus 805 in Huntsville will be filled with elite average runners for the first Rocket City Microthon.  Note I didn’t say marathon, but microthon.  It’s a 0.12k, or just over 380 feet. It’s everything an “athlete” could want!

Runners get all the swag that goes with completing a big event, like a finisher’s medal, race t-shirt and one of those circle stickers that shows the distance you ran.  The event is sold out for competitors, but it’s sure to be a fun time for anyone who wants to come out and watch.  It’s scheduled for 2pm on Sunday, September 16.

If you’re not sure what the Butler Green is, it’s that giant green space between Yellowhammer Brewing and Straight to Ale on Clinton Avenue.

Note:  They do have a number of “Slacker” packages for the race available.  That means you get all of the cool stuff without running, though you do have to pay about $50.  This close to the race, it looks like you probably won’t get your shirt until after the race.  Click here if you’re interested in signing up for the “Slacker’s package.”


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